Vehicles are subject to price increases based on condition.
The time of the appointment does not reflect on how long it takes to detail the vehicle and is intended for us upgrading your package so we have more time. 
Results are not guaranteed for vehicles that have not been properly maintained.

SUPREME Exterior

Wash + Dry

Rims cleaned

-Does NOT take care of bugs or contamination in the clearcoat-

125 | 150

Snow Exterior

Snow Removal

-Takes care of the snow on the exterior of the vehicle-
-Price may increase based on the amount of snow that needs to be removed-
-Does NOT including any washing-

45 | 65


Wash + Dry

Rims cleaned
Hand Carnauba wax

-Does NOT take care of bugs or contamination in the clearcoat-

225 | 250


Wash + Dry

Rims cleaned
Clay bar
Surface Scratch Removal
Hand carnauba wax

-Takes care of bugs or contamination in the clearcoat-

450 | 500

*Prices are listed for cars (economy, compact, and midsize) and SUV's/ pickup trucks. Prices listed are for one (1) vehicle.

All other vehicles are subject to additional cost. Trucks, Antique cars, Vintage cars, RV's, Buses, Boats, Campers, or any other type not listed here; please call for an estimate.
**All vehicles must have personal belongings removed from the vehicle.

Vehicles are subject to additional charges as it pertains to the vehicle's condition at time of service.

Precision Mobile Detailing LLC cannot guarantee results on vehicles that have been poorly maintained. 

Read Service Area Policy

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Exterior Detail

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Give your vehicle a longer lasting shine and protection with ceramic coating.