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Ceramic Coating

   -Without Prep-

Wash + Dry

Rims cleaned
Ceramic coating applied



     -With Prep-

Wash + Dry

Rims cleaned

Clay bar
Surface Scratch Removal
Ceramic coating Applied




Wash + Dry

Rims cleaned
Clay Bar
Surface scratch removal

Ceramic coating applied



Your car is constantly bearing the elements, especially here in New JerseyThere's rain, mud, bugs, dust, even snow, ice, salt and grime, and bird poop sticking to your vehicle even the moment after you wash it. 

While automatic car washes serve as a cheap and fast fix, its undeniable that not only are the chemicals horrible for your car's surface, the wash itself scratches and mars your paint. 

Adding a wax will offer (again) a cheap and fast fix, but you'll have to keep up with it every couple of months. And it better be a good one!

Ceramic coatings actually began in the oil and space industry using what's called 9h ceramic nanotechnology. Crazy effective, it quickly grew into the automotive industry.






Photo Credit: AvalonKing

Top Features


1. Dirt and Mud Repellent

Working hard for you, ceramic coating protects the surface of your vehicle. With specialized nanotechnology, rain and water bead on the surface rather than accumulate and build up. Even mud slides right off! 

2. UV Damage and Rust Protection

Breaking news (not): paint fades. 

Your car's paint starts to deteriorate the moment you drive it off the lot! The sun beats down harmful ultraviolet rays that causes oxidation to your vehicle's paint. 

Ceramic coating can dramatically reduce these damaging effects. 

3. Long Lasting

Ceramic coatings bond with the molecular structure of your vehicle's paint. What does this mean for you? YEARS of protection! 

Typical waxes last a few months at best. While a single application of ceramic coating can last up to 5 years (with maintenance). 

To ensure quality, have it professionally applied and keep it clean. And the sooner you put it on, the better the results.

4. Beautiful Results

Did we mention a brilliant shine and easy clean up for years?
















The Truth About Ceramic Coating DIY

It is easy to find a fast and cheap DIY Ceramic Coating product online (and even with great reviews) but that doesn't mean you will save money in the long run. 

Depending on the size of your vehicle, you'll be looking at 2-3 kits you'll need to purchase to cover the entire surface. 

Don't forget about the prep work. Vehicles need to be detailed to perfection prior to application. 

Have scratches? If you put the ceramic coating on top without removing them... good luck getting that out! 

These DIY kits are only meant to last a year (if you do it right). So plan spending more every year. 

If we haven't convinced you yet, enjoy this DIY detailing gif.

The Best Part: It's Affordable

Pay all at once or over time with installments. 

Next to a house, your car is one of the greatest investments you can make. We take that seriously.


Ready to Go


Or better yet, stay where you are because we come to you!

Ceramic coating can be a smart investment for your vehicle. Utilizing the latest technology, this innovating service offers the shine you want and the protection you need.

With Precision Mobile Detailing, you can count on premium service, exceptional value, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Book your service today to get the most out of ceramic coatings.

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